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Pictured above is a dish of lamb stew with potatoes and carrots. South Sudan food, Sudanese food, North African recipes.

Made From Scratch in a Home Kitchen

South Sudan Cuisine is heavily influenced by East African and Arab cuisine. At the basic level meals are meat or fish stews with a vegetarian side dish eaten with Asida, a thick porridge made from sorghum or millet.

Unique to South Sudan cuisine is the use of peanut butter to thicken sauces. South Sudanese cuisine is generally complex and labor and time consuming. Women spend the better part of the day cooking the day’s meals. Sweet hot tea is consumed at any time of the day, for breakfast, after a meal in the afternoon, offered to guests and at every occasion.

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I am Noela Mogga. I am a physician, mother, and food blogger. I was born in South Sudan(then Sudan) and lived my early years there until leaving to pursue college and medical school in America. I am passionate about South Sudanese food. I plan to showcase South Sudan food recipes, traditional customs, and natural beauty regimens. When not busy practicing Anesthesiology in my adopted state of Texas, I can be found whipping up delicious meals and taking care of my husband and three children.


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