James Thuch Madhier, Founder of Rainmaker Enterprise
James Thuch Madhier

Written by Noela Mogga

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April 6, 2023

James Thuch Madhier

James Thuch Madhier, CEO of Rainmaker Enterprise

James Thuch, Founder of Rainmaker Enterprise.

James Thuch’s company Rainmaker Enterprise is equipping communities with solar powered water wells. At the current time they have water source and irrigation system to support a population of 3000 in a village of South Sudan.

James says he grew tired of western companies using his story to campaign for funds while following a failed system of providing aid to countries in Africa. The status quo of Western Aid is designed to keep Africans in poverty – whereby a company collects funds but only a fraction (less than 10%) of that money reaches the individuals they campaigned for. Rainmaker enterprise empowers the communities to be gatekeeper of their gifts. When the community is provided a water pump, they are taught how to value and care and maintain that resource.

James Thuch has an inspiring childhood of growing up in a traditional cattle herding village where only the bad kids were sent to school. He so admired the students that go to school that he decided to start a small business to put himself to school. That business involved walking long distances to carry goods from a bigger town to his remote village.

The many hurdles to obtaining an education, and his journey out of fighting to freedom, shaped his views on why he must rise to do something of impact in his country.

You may learn more about Rainmaker Enterprise, including how to support James’ efforts at Rainmakerenterprise.org.

Here is James explain why he does what he does. You may watch James Thuch tell his story at Rise Models Workshop, South Sudan Unite 2019 Conference in Minneapolis.